Peace Anyiam-Osigwe Wiki, Age, Biography, Cause of Death, Husband, Parents, Net Worth, Education & profession & More

Peace Anyiam-Osigwe Wiki
Peace Anyiam-Osigwe Wiki

Peace Anyiam-Osigwe Wiki, Age

A filmmaker named Peace Anyiam-Fiberesima was known for her work in the Nigerian film industry, also known as Nollywood. She was an influential figure in the industry and was known for her pioneering work in screening Nollywood films at foreign film festivals.

Additionally, She was the Founder of the African Movie Academy Awards, AMAA, and the President of the Association of Movie Producers, AMP. It appears that she passed away and comes from a family known as Anyiam-Osigwe, based in Nkwerre, Imo State, Nigeria.

Peace Anyiam-Osigwe Biography

She was a highly accomplished individual with a diverse set of skills and interests. she had a degree in Law and Political Science from Oxford Brookes University in England and was also an author of written poetry and three other books. In addition, she published a magazine called Clicks which was specifically written to cater to the black population in England. She was a filmmaker, and director and managed Hip-Hop twin singers, P-Square, and also shot a music video for them. She founded the Africa Film Academy, a body that governs the film ceremony since 2005. She was indeed a multi-talented individual with a meaningful impact on the industry.

Peace Anyiam-Osigwe Wiki

She played a significant role in the African film industry. She founded the Africa Film Academy (AMAA) in 2005 and it’s one of the most recognized awards for Africans in film-making. Additionally, in the 10th edition of AMAAs, she stepped down as CEO of the AMAA. Parents, Net Worth, Education & profession & More

In 2015, she started the African initiative to recognize and commemorate the achievements of Africans in the entertainment industry. In 2020, she became the National President of The Association of Movie Producers (AMP), which made her the seventh person to hold that post.

She was also the initiator of the “100 films project” which aims to improve the quality of films produced in Nigeria. In her role as President of AMP, she focused on building the capacity of film producers in the country through seminars and pieces

Overall, it seems that Peace Anyiam-Osigwe was a dedicated and accomplished professional in the field of film and entertainment, and she made a significant impact on the industry and the people in it.

Real Name

Peace Anyiam-Fiberesima

Nick Name

Peace Anyiam-Fiberesima

Date of Birth

30 March 1969 (Nkwerre,Imo State.)

Birth Place

Lagos, Nigeria


Nkwerre, Imo State.

Age (as of 2022)

9 January 2023 (aged 53) 


Filmmaker, lawyer, philanthropist





Education Qualification

 Law and political science from Oxford Brookes university.

Peace Anyiam-Osigwe Cause of Death

It sounds like she was well-respected and made significant contributions to the Nollywood industry.

It is not uncommon for news of a person’s passing to be met with initial skepticism, especially when the person is known to many people. This can be especially true when death is sudden or unexpected. In some cases, people may try to confirm the news with official sources before believing it to be true.

It’s also common for the family of the deceased to want to be private and courteous with releasing information about the death.

Peace Anyiam-Osigwe Awards

Peace was a highly accomplished individual in the Nollywood industry and was recognized for her contributions with awards such as the African Film Pioneer Award. The African Film Festival, or TAFF, is a platform that showcases the best of African cinema and celebrates the contributions of filmmakers and industry professionals from the continent. Being given an award like the African Film Pioneer Award at such a festival would be a significant honor, indicating that her work was widely respected and had a significant impact on the industry.

Peace Anyiam-Osigwe Net Worth

Peace Anyiam-Osigwe estimated net worth of $ 3 million dollars.

Peace Anyiam-Osigwe Media Account

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FAQs about Peace Anyiam-Osigwe

Q.1 Who is Peace Anyiam-Osigwe?

Ans. She is Filmmaker, lawyer, philanthropist

Q.2 What is Peace Anyiam-Osigwe age?

Ans. Peace Anyiam-Osigwe age is 53 years as of 2023.

Q.3 What is Peace Anyiam-Osigwe Net Worth?

Ans. Peace Anyiam-Osigwe estimated net worth of $ 3 million dollars.

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