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Killing of Jordan Neely

Jordan Neely Wiki

On May 1, 2023, Jordan Neely, a 30-year-old black homeless man, died after being placed in a chokehold by Daniel Penny, a 24-year-old white ex-Marine, on the F train of the New York City Subway. According to witnesses, Neely was acting erratically and yelling about his hunger and thirst but did not physically attack anyone.

Penny approached him from behind and put him in a chokehold, which lasted for 15 minutes until Neely lost consciousness. A witness alerted Penny that Neely had defecated and was dying, but Penny released him without providing any medical assistance.

Jordan Neely Wiki
Jordan Neely Wiki

After being placed in a chokehold by Daniel Penny on the New York City Subway, Jordan Neely was taken to Lenox Hill Hospital where he was later pronounced dead. The medical examiner’s office conducted an investigation and concluded that his death was a homicide, caused by the “compression of neck (chokehold)”. This finding suggests that the chokehold used by Penny was a significant factor in Neely’s death. The determination of homicide implies that Neely’s death was caused by the actions of another person and may result in criminal charges against Penny.

The incident involving the killing of Jordan Neely on the New York City Subway was captured on video by a witness and has since been widely circulated. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is currently investigating the incident, and on May 5th, it was reported that a grand jury would be convened to determine whether or not charges should be pressed against Daniel Penny, who placed Neely in a chokehold.

A grand jury is a legal proceeding in which a group of citizens review the evidence presented by the prosecution and determine whether or not to formally charge the accused with a crime. This suggests that the investigation into Neely’s death is ongoing and that the decision to bring charges against Penny will be made by a group of citizens who have reviewed all of the available evidence.

Incident Killing of Jordan Neely

On May 1, 2023, an incident occurred on a northbound F train on the New York City Subway, in which Jordan Neely, a homeless black man, was killed by Daniel Penny, a white ex-Marine. Witnesses reported that Neely had been acting erratically and throwing trash at passengers before Penny approached him from behind and placed him into a chokehold.

Freelance journalist and witness Juan Alberto Vázquez recorded the incident on video and reported that Neely had been moving and attempting to defend himself throughout the chokehold. Neely eventually became motionless and was placed on his side after a passenger warned Penny that he could be charged with murder if Neely died.

The New York Police Department arrived on the scene shortly thereafter and administered first aid to Neely, who was unconscious. However, according to some sources, Neely was already dead when attempts were made to revive him inside the subway car. The incident is currently under investigation by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, and a grand jury is expected to convene to determine whether or not charges should be pressed against Penny.

People involved in this Incident

Jordan Neely Wiki

Jordan Neely was a 30-year-old African-American man who grew up in Bayonne, New Jersey. He suffered a traumatic experience in 2007 when his mother was murdered by an abusive partner. Neely was called to testify at the trial, and according to his aunt, he developed depression, schizophrenia, and post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the incident.

Full Name Jordan Neely
Age 30 years old
Birth 1992
Place of Birth New York City
Raised In Bayonne, New Jersey
Death Date 1 May 2023
Cause of Death Homicide by chokehold
Father Dre
Mother Christie Neely
Relationship Status Will Update
Career Michael Jackson impersonator
Net Worth 100k USD (approx.)

Neely struggled with homelessness and had worked with the Bowery Residents’ Committee to try to find permanent shelter. Jordan Neely was listed on a New York City roster to aid homeless individuals requiring assistance and treatment.. Despite his struggles, Neely was a locally-known Michael Jackson impersonator and dancer, performing in Times Square and on subways.

Jordan Neely Wiki
Jordan Neely Wiki

Neely’s talent as a performer was widely recognized, and he was reputed to be a skilled dancer. However, his life was cut short in a tragic incident on the New York City Subway in Manhattan, where he was placed in a chokehold by a fellow passenger and later pronounced dead at a hospital. The incident is under investigation, and a grand jury will determine whether charges should be pressed against the individual responsible for Neely’s death.

Daniel Penny

Daniel Penny is a former Marine sergeant who choked Jordan Neely during the subway incident. He has hired a former Republican candidate for the district attorney to represent him, and on May 5, 2023, his attorneys released a statement offering condolences to Neely’s family and stating that Penny never intended to harm Neely and acted to protect himself and others when Neely began threatening them aggressively.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who was Jordan Neely?

Ans. Jordan Neely was a 30-year-old subway performer who was known for his Michael Jackson dance routines.

2. How did Jordan Neely die?

Ans. Jordan Neely died as a result of being held in a chokehold by a fellow subway passenger.

3. What was Jordan Neely’s career?

Ans. Jordan Neely was a street performer who gained popularity for his dance routines on the subway.

4. What is being done to seek justice for Jordan Neely?

Ans. The Manhattan District Attorney’s office has announced that “senior, experienced prosecutors” are investigating Neely’s death.

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